Saturday, February 6, 2010


Began in March 2008, when Shaun Samson was making leggings as holiday gifts for friends that result astounding responses from people. Samson soon collaborated with Shawn Kaleka, building their own line of leggings called Costume Dept. The designers intended to create leggings that would suit the tastes of every woman, from the extremely zany to the truly stylish. The collection was a huge success, the fashion line then expanded to the full collection. Its unique patterns and quirky designs were inspired by pop culture, emerging artists and the nightlife sub-culture. The label has grown and now with international buyers starting to lap up including TRIBUTE. Unlike the others, Costume dept. doesn’t fabricate the same material, so only a few of each style was created. Once a style is sold out, it is gone forever. Each style is individually crafted so no two pairs are the same

The latest collection is coming down to TRIBUTE. Fringe hoodies, sequin leggings and much more are available in store, so dont miss it!!!

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