Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Join the Motel Cult!

Once again Tribute is bringing you one of the most followed cult brands ever! Motel from the U.K. is an eclectic mix of punk, left-field, retro & fun-filled “killer-style” clothing. Driven by uniqueness and diversity, the brand’s eureka moment lay in the US thrift store culture; of vintage-inspired prints & well crafted pieces that celebrate the feminine silhouette. Motel is currently causing a commotion in all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most recently in the US, rapidly establishing itself as the go-to brand for fashionistas, musicians and celebrities alike.

Their specialty is the conspicuous, quirky dress, so naturally their audience is the conspicuous, quirky girl such as: Lily Allen, Duffy, Little Boots and Peaches Geldof, also the likes of The Ting Tings, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays, Marina & the Diamonds and Alexa Burke. Join the revolution and prepare to celebrate your silhouette!


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